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About Us

Finding a complete directory for plants is hard and it will be harder if you haven’t heard about the plant at all. We totally understand you, but you don’t need to worry anymore because we are here for you. We have come along the way to deliver you a complete directory of plants, flowers, and other things related to gardening.

We aim to share the excellent information we have that will help you to build your own dream garden. We always update our database about new plants and flowers to provide you with the newest information to enrich your knowledge. We hope you find what you are looking for on our website.

All About Plants

Have you ever wonder about a certain plant or flower or tree? Have you visited the local garden shop near you but cannot find the plant of flower you are looking for? Do you want to grow them but you don’t have enough information?

You don’t need to face those hardships anymore because you can find detailed information about the plant and flower you are looking for on our website. You can find different types of plants and flowers here, and you will get a complete summary of them.

We have a lot of articles that will tell you about important information of plants. You can know the type of plants and flowers easily, and you will get to know the requirements you need to fulfill to plant and grow them.

Indoor and Outdoor Plant

Deciding the indoor and outdoor plant that will always bloom in your house is a little bit difficult since you need to choose the plant that can survive in any weather. Plus, the plants need special treatment in order to grow well.

Basically, most of the plants can survive outdoor, but you need to consider the temperature, soil, water, and other things before you plant them. Some other plants cannot survive longer outdoor and you can grow them easily indoor. If you are not careful enough, your plant won’t survive longer in your garden.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore because we give you great plant recommendations for your indoor or outdoor garden. We also provide you with detailed information about the plants and the best condition for them to survive. Most importantly, we provide you with care tips that you can follow easily.

Gardening 101

If you are a novice gardener and you want to start growing your own garden, you don’t need to feel lost since we are here to help you get started. You will find great instructions on how to get started and which plants or flowers you can grow for the first time.

Also, you will get great instructions on how to maintain the plant’s condition. The instructions are easy to follow, even if you are the first-timer. You don’t need to fell small and discouraged since with those instructions, you can grow your very first healthy garden with various plants and flowers. We assure you that you can build your own garden in no time.

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Do you find it difficult to grow your own plants or flowers? Have you tried anything but you cannot build your dream garden well? Do you want to build your own garden but don’t know where to start?

If so, you need to try our tips and tricks that will help you get better in gardening. We provide you with the simple tips and tricks that you can do by yourself, even the novice gardener will find the tips and tricks easy. You will be able to grow your plants and flowers well with the detailed information we give. We also provide you with the tips and tricks that suit the space of your garden.

Although sometimes, you find the tips and tricks hard, you will find them beneficial for your garden and they are totally worth it to do. You can also use the gardening tools you have and other things around you. You will be able to safe more money with the tips and tricks and you can keep your plants and flowers in a good shape. By following our tips and tricks, gardening will be more exciting than before!