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Best Trees to Plant in Colorado for Backyard and Front Yard

Best Trees to Plant in Colorado for Back Yard and Front YardDo you want to know what the best trees to be planted in Colorado are? Colorado has various climates due to its various landmarks, such as mountains, deserts, plains and foothills which likely affect the climate and weather in its area. For you who are looking for the best trees for Colorado that can adjust the climate and weather well, you‘d better read this following information to find the answer.

The Best Trees for Colorado Front Yard

If you have a spacious front yard garden, you might want to fill it with the perfect tree. The definition of a perfect tree is a kind of tree which has the medium size and pretty flowers on it. As we know that Colorado has a unique climate due to its various landmarks, so maybe it is difficult to find the best trees to be planted in Colorado.

Here, you can see some selections of trees that can be your references for making your front yard garden looking pretty and awesome.

  • Japanese Tree Lilac

Japanese tree Lilac comes in the first place of the best trees for Colorado. Originally comes from eastern Asia. This small tree belongs to the Oleaceae family. The pretty Japanese Tree Lilac can be a perfect choice for decorating your front yard garden with a perfect tree that can give charm with its white fragrance flowers.

This tree can grow up to 12-14 meters maximally. This small tree will shed its leaves on autumns. It has a white or creamy white color for the flowers and has a good smell which can attract many insects. The Japanese Tree Lilac needs special attention in the beginning, but as its growth, you can let it free.

However, make sure that you check your plants regularly and water it regularly. Don’t worry once the tree is established, it doesn’t need much water and easy to take care

  • Russian Hawthorn

Russian Hawthorn is the next choice for trees to plant in Colorado. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and can grow up to 20 feet in height. Like its name, the tree has thorns in its branches and green leaves.

It is a tree and shrub that has white flowers that comes in the late of spring. It has an oval shape and perfect place in the front yard garden as ornament tree. The white flowers will turn into the red berries. The dark berries and yellow bark will show up in the winter season, making this small tree as the perfect choice to make your front garden looks festive and adorable.

The Best Trees for Colorado Backyard Garden

If you have a front yard and backyard garden, probably you want to plant different kinds of trees for making the garden run as its function. The front yard garden tends to be used as the decorative garden which needs some not-so-tall trees with the flowers on it.

On the other hand, you can choose sturdy trees for filling your backyard with more big trees which can give shadow and shelter for your family when doing their activities.  Here are some choices of the best trees for Colorado backyard garden.

  • Burr Oak

As its name, Burr Oak is white oak and belongs to Fagaceae family. This plant has a sturdy tree and can grow up to 50 feet in height. You need to make sure that you plant this tree far away from the wall or fence of the backyard garden.

You need to be patient with the growth of Burr Oak because it has a moderate rate in growth. This tree has green leaves and will turn into brown in the fall season. Burr Oak can adapt well to seasons and suitable for annual plants for your backyard garden.

  • Kentucky Coffee Tree

The reason why Kentucky coffee tree comes in this list is that it is so well adapted with Colorado’s soil. This sturdy plant come with green leaves and can grow up to 50 feet in height.

The green leaves will transform into the dark yellow in the fall season. Another reason why people call it as the Kentucky coffee tree is that people in the past used the ripe seeds of this tree as the alternate for making coffee.

The big shells make this plant looking beautiful in the winter season. Kentucky coffee tree doesn’t require a lot of treatments once it grows and thrives. Make sure you give enough water in the first two years of its early growth period.

There are some best trees for Colorado that can be used as the front yard garden and backyard garden. You can choose small trees for the front yard garden, such as Japanese Tree Lilac and Russian Hawthorn. On the other hand, you can choose sturdy trees for the backyard, such as Burr Oak and Kentucky coffee tree.

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