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Chesapeake Holly – Great Shrub to Decorate Garden

Chesapeake Holly - Great Shrub to Decorate GardenIf you are looking for a perfect plant for the decorative purpose to your garden, you can choose Chesapeake Holly as the option. This is a type of small tree or shrub which originally coming from East Asia, such as Japan, Eastern China, and Korea. Let’s learn more about this cutie tree which can be your choice for decorating your garden.

About Chesapeake Holly

You need a small plant for decorating your front garden; therefore you need to choose shrub type plant as for the base. Chesapeake Holly is considered as one of the best ornamental plants for front yard and backyard. This tiny tree is perfectly planted in your front yard as the ornamental plant. It has a unique shape and green glossy leaves.

Chesapeake Holly belongs to Aquifoliaceae family and Ilex genus. The botanical name is Ilex crenata. This tree can grow up from 8 up to 15 feet. The trunk can have a diameter of 20 cm. This plant is perfect for your front garden because it is not a big tree which can give beautiful look to your garden with its shape and glossy leaves.

This shrub has flower with yellow and white colors. The flower will be bloomed around spring to summer. It has berries which will be in color of dark red and black when getting ripe. The berries are bird’s favorite.

Ilex crenata is suitable for small to large garden. It will be a great plant for the entire seasons. It has a small size, green glossy leaves, dark berries, and pyramid shape. You can plant this tree in the fall season or spring season.

How to Plant Chesapeake Holly

If you want to plant Chesapeake Holly, you can follow these simple instructions. First of all, you need to get the seed of the plant. You can get it through purchasing online or offline in the plant stores. You have to make sure to dig the hole bigger than the seed.

It aims to protect the root of the plant to grow well and establish in the ground. Take off the seed from the plastic bags before you plant it to the ground. Make sure you fill the ground with little bit fertilizer. Place the seed on the ground and fill it with the soil.

You can tap the soil before filling with another soil. You can add the organic soil and compost as the mixture for the best nutrients for the plant. Give enough water to the plants. Chesapeake Holly needs enough water and tolerates with water. Don’t forget to cover the plant with mulch.

How to Care Chesapeake Holly

Chesapeake Holly needs moist soil and enough water. Make sure that you pay attention to your plants by giving the plants enough fertilizer annually. This plant needs enough water on the first stage of its development. You need to maintain it well at least in the two years in the beginning until it established. It is better for you to water the plant once a week with a lot of water rather than water it every day with little water.

The regular watering is important for the plant. You have to do regular pruning to make sure it grows well and get enough sunlight. The best time to water the plant is in the early morning or in the late of the afternoon. It can save water and maintain the plants to get sufficient water.

This Holly plant needs simple maintenance. You have to make sure it gets enough water, at least 1 inch for a week and make sure you check the growth. It needs two years for the plant to establish.


Chesapeake Holly is the best for front yard garden because of its natural shape. It grows like a bush with green and glossy leaves. The flower is single. It has beautiful colors in white and yellow. The fruit will be in dark color. The fruit is called the berries and it is the favorite of the birds. People may call Chesapeake Holly with Ilex crenata since that is the botanical name. It doesn’t need complicated maintenance and easy to plant.

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