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Eskimo Sunset Maple – Unique and Beautiful Maple

Eskimo Sunset Maple - Unique and Beautiful MapleTalking about various maple trees, there is a maple tree that is popular because of its attractive leaf colours. Eskimo Sunset Maple or also as known as Eskimo Sunset Sycamore Maple is one of the most popular maples trees due to the beautiful colours.

Overview of Eskimo Sunset Maple

The Eskimo Sunset Maple which has another name such as Acer Pseudoplatanus is originated from Esk Valley in New Zealand. The tree has the medium size when it’s mature around 1.5 up to 3 meters height with the width around 1 – 2 meters. This tree has insignificant or non-blooming flowers.

One of the main characteristics of this tree is the incredible deciduous broadleaves. On Spring, the leaves colour will be orange-pink, then during summer, it will change into a deep green with cream and pink colour. Surprisingly, the underside of the leaf will have a purple colour. Eskimo sunset maple also has the characteristic of deciduous tree and well known with its shapely oval form

Tree History

The name of Eskimo Sunset Maple came from Acer “Esk Sunset” as the origin place of this species. This tree is founded by Jon Wills at Trelionoe, Esk Valley, New Zealand. Another species that John Wills introduced was Acer Pseudoplatanus “Esk Flamingo” which has the beautiful leaves with green, pink and cream colour and bright red young branches.

In the Garden

This beautiful maple tree is perfect to use in the garden to brighten up the ambience thanks to the dramatic foliage colour. For those who have small garden should not be worried to plant this tree due to the medium size of the tree when it is grown up.

The tree is also suitable for Japanese garden. If you want to plant it for mixed border purposes, combine this tree with a single colour of the tree to give the contrast composition.

How to Grow and Take Care

When you want to grow this Eskimo sunset maple, you will need to have evenly moist, well-drained and as well rich in humus soil. If you are living in an area that usually has harsh sunlight in the afternoon, you will need to put protection for this tree. In the first few years of this tree, you will need to make sure that you water it deeply, so the tree could have an extensive root system.

Once the tree has grown and has the good root system, you will need to maintain the soil to be moist but do not water it too much since the tree will not grow better in the soggy soil.

The leaves colour varies depends on sun exposure and they don’t burn in full sun. This tree could grow in the better result with full sun or partial shade depends on the weather condition of the area. You will need to prune the tree every year and the best time to do it is during late winter until early spring.

For the best result, give the tree fertilizer in Spring. The tree is well known as soil adaptable which it could tolerate a drought. The tree will be mature in 10 years and could live for more than 80 years on the ideal weather.

Even though Eskimo Sunset Maple is originated from New Zealand, these trees could be found in North America. This tree tolerates air pollution, therefore, it even could grow in the city environments. Eskimo Sunset Maple is recommended for those who want to build either accent or shade landscape.

If you have this tree in your garden, make sure to water it regularly in every week and do it more often during the dry and extreme heat. Even though this tree could adapt in cold, wind and drought but Eskimo Sunset Maple is preferred to grow in the average to the moist condition.

Even though many people are interested to plant this tree to add the beauty of their gardens, this species is still considered a rare tree. With the correct guidelines to grow and take care of the tree, the tree could live longer and for sure it will attract people during summer and fall due to the stunning foliage color.

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