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Fill Dirt vs Top Soil: Which One Is Better for Your Need?

Fill Dirt vs Top Soil: Which One Is Better for Your Need?While discussing about soil, many people might have difficulties to spot the difference between each layer. It is not surprising, given the fact that each layer does look similar in a glance. The complaints come a little bit later, when they either try to build a house or plant several pots. Using wrong type of soil would create big flaws.

What Are Those: Fill Dirt and Topsoil?

Before discussing in details about fill dirt vs topsoil, it is wise to start from the definition. After all, this is where many people lost their path. Fill dirt is basically the decaying matters. The resources are varied: abandoned building, decaying woods, dead bodies, etc. Each of the component takes different period to decompose. As the result, the fill dirt has firmer texture.

The top soil is quite the opposite of fill dirt. As its name implies, top soil could be found in the surface, around 2 to 14 inches deep. If the persons dig deeper than that, they will find fill dirt. Top soil contains rich mineral and great organic matter. Both are the essentials to grow healthy plants.

Why Fill Dirt Is Needed?

The gardeners simply cannot ignore the importance of fill dirt for one simple reason: its texture. In order to build a pretty garden, either the house owners or the gardeners themselves might propose to build certain landscape. There is no better option than using the fill dirt. The firm texture holds shapes perfectly, particularly while building leveled design such as terrace.

Since the fill dirt is practically soil, the landscape only needs the touch of fertilizer to plant seeds. Of course, the result won’t be better than the top soil. The gardeners also need to regularly mix the fertilizer to the garden bed. Otherwise, the plants might not get its needed nutrition.

Another party that might gain more benefits from fill dirt is the constructor. If they need to choose fill dirt vs topsoil to lay the foundation, the winner will be fill dirt. Unlike the top soil which easily slips, this soil type is far more stable. For safety reason, the dirt has to be filtered first. It is important to detect early sign of contamination.

In addition to the house foundation, there is one more vital housing equipment that require fill dirt. It is no other than the septic tank. Covering the tank with sturdy soil like fill dirt will ensure the safety of the box until years to come.

What Makes People Love Top Soil?

The debate of fill dirt vs topsoil is quite confusing, especially if the persons haven’t set the goal yet. Those who love to plant seeds and sprouts must take top soil. First, it has the airy texture that allows the root to grow and breathe. Not all plants could grow well in sticky, clay like soil. Second, only top soil has the minerals and organic nutrients to allow healthy growth.

If the gardeners should take side in fill dirt vs topsoil to solve drainage problem, then the best solution is top soil. Fill dirt, while placed on water logged area, will lose its firmness and becomes softer. There is no further change except for the mentioned alteration. The top soil, on the other hand, might be able to offer more benefits. As the top soil becomes wet, it could be taken into a pot. Later on, the seeds will grow well.

The last reason to love the top soil is its top quality. When it comes to plants growth, fill dirt is certainly not its match. A study conducted by University of California on the dryweight production successfully concludes two important points. The early finding showed how the plants growing on top soil produced more than 200% more harvest than those on fill dirt.

Later on, the study also suggested that fill dirt, due to the absence of nutrients and organic compound, limits the life span of the plants. It takes up to three years at the maximum before the plants die.

In the end, there is no such thing as superiority. Both fill dirt and top soil serve specific purpose. Thus, it won’t be fair to judge that one is better than another. In contrary, people must be able to tell the difference. Good luck!

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