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It’s Not Just “Pruning Barberry”! All You Need to Know About It

It’s Not Just “Pruning Barberry”! All You Need to Know About ItNot any bush plant could win the heart of the gardeners. People are looking for shrub plants to get the “lush” touch in the garden or yard. It would be perfect if the shrub also has colors other than green. These two features could be found in barberry. The real question is: could the gardeners handle the pruning well?

What Should You Know About Pruning Barberry?

The first thing to note is: never skip pruning schedule! It is one strict requirement that the gardeners must follow. Some might argue that barberry has the “low maintenance” feature. Since the fact is partially correct, then they must miss one thing. The less maintenance refers to the lack of fertilizer and additive substance to maintain its health.

Even without any agents to support its growth, the barberry always finds a way to extract nutrients from the soil. Therefore, when pruning barberry is skipped, then the bush will grow big and tall. Don’t worry about the plants. Pruning is a way to make it healthy!

When to Prune Barberry?

Before deciding the right time for pruning barberry, try to locate the position of the bush first. Is it planted as a hedge, or as the decoration inside the house? For the hedge, the pruning should be scheduled several times in a year. If the gardeners love to shape the barberry, then the best time to do it is during winter and fall, or particularly, after the fruit season. In the other seasons, simply cut the dead wood in the bushes.

For a decorative plant, the gardeners could start pruning barberry after the flowering session ends. The blooming itself usually occurs during spring, but some variants might have different time. Another note: kindly note the age of the barberry. It matters, as the three years old barberry will show the sign of brittle branches. When this time comes, then the barberry must be cut to the ground to allow healthier shrub!

Some gardeners also suggest doing a little trimming to the newly planted bush, particularly when the branches look a little bit wobbly. The cutting will force the stem to grow stronger.

How to Do It?

Now that the gardeners have learned about the importance and the right time, the next step would be preparing to do the real job. Again, this job is not only “pruning barberry”. There are steps to follow.

  • Prepare the Tools

The items that the gardeners will need might or might not categorized as the basic tools for gardening. If the house has their first bush plant, then the tools for pruning barberry are not available. Go to the store and ask for pruning shear and long handled loppers. The other tools are protective gear, safety glasses and heavy work gloves. If the gardeners want clean work, prepare elastic ropes and plastic as well.

  • Start Pruning

Now, the pruning barberry officially starts. Lay the plastic around the barberry. The first goal is to cut any rotten wood or the untidy branch. Then go to the lower part, where the branches almost touches the ground. It is best to make the branch hang around six inches from the ground. If the bush is too big, tie them with the band to help the work. Next, it is time to shape the barberry. Again, the ropes might be some help.

  • Clean Up the Mess

In the preparation, plastic cover is mentioned. Putting it in the area near the bushes will help the cleaning. Otherwise, the gardeners might literally need to see if there is any cuts falls to the ground. Leaving them will allow new sprout to grow. Unlike grass leaves that will die without its root, part of barberry is independent enough to survive and grow the root.

  • Pour Some Fertilizer

Actually, pruning itself is an act to keep the bushes healthy. However, many gardeners think that a touch of fertilizer will help to boost the growth, pushing even more vigorous growth with bright colored leaves.

Once again, the gardeners should stick to the tight pruning schedule. Otherwise, the barberry will go wild, which is not something nice to have. Also, don’t forget to follow the rules strictly. This is a process any barberry owner must diligently follow. Best of luck!

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