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Olena Plant – What Is It? How to Grow It in the Garden and Container?

Olena Plant - What Is It? How to Grow It in the Garden and Container?It is important to plant your food and medicinal plants in your garden. One of the herbs which are important to have is Olena plant. The advantages of Olena or turmeric are already well-known in the world as a medicinal plant and culinary herb. Let’s find out how to plant it in your garden.

What is Olena Plant?

Olena plant has many names in the botanical area. Some people called it with Curcuma Longa. This herb is also known as turmeric in some areas. The benefits of Olena are widely known by people around the world for herbs, medical plant, beauty ingredients, and more. Olena or turmeric belongs to the ginger family.

People take the roots and leaves for herbs and culinary purposes. The anti-inflammatory contained in the turmeric can treat various diseases. The Olena plant has a yellow extract which used as the natural color for coloring food and fabric.

Hawaiians believed that the yellow juice has spiritual energy. It uses to purify the place from negative power. There are many benefits of Olena for our daily needs. Therefore, it is better for you to have it in your garden.

How to Plant Olena Plant in the Garden

You can plant this medicinal herb if you have extra space in your garden and still don’t know what kind of herb to plant. The Olena plant can be your choice for your backyard garden. The process is so simple. The Olena plant is a rhizome plant. You need the good root for the seed. You can find the seed in the farmer market in your local area or you can buy it online.

We can say that Olena plant or turmeric is the same type of ginger. You will find the root consist of many buds. The first step is finding the old root with two buds used for the seed.

Next, prepare the ground as the media for the Olena plants to grow. You can mix the soil with compost to make a good mixture. The compost functions as the natural fertilizer. It gives nutrients to the soil and the plant.

Dig the soil and place the roots with two buds to the soil. The next step is covering the roots with the soil and gives enough water. You can give space between one roots to another. The leaves will show up around four to six weeks. Don’t give too much water to the roots. It may get rotten if receiving too much water.

How to Plant Olena Plant in the Container

If you don’t have extra space in your garden, you can plant it in the container. The steps are easy. First, you have to find the good seed for the beginning. The 8 months old Olena’s root can be a good starting point. You can get the old and fresh root in the farmer market in your area. If you find a difficulty to get it in your neighborhood, you can get it online.

You need to prepare the seed into the bud to plant your Olena in the container. Place the root in the wet area and keep away from the sunlight. You can cover the root with soil and give enough water. The root will grow into the bud. This bud will become the seed to be planted in the container.

You need to the mix the soil and compost to give good media for the bud to grow. You can fill one-third of the container with the previous mixture. Don’t forget to lay some brick fragment at the bottom of the container for holding the roots. Place the growing bud into the soil and fill in with the previous mixture. Place a bud into a container. For the last step, give enough water to the container. You can do the watering every two or three days to keep the soil moisture.

You can harvest the turmeric after 8 months from the planting. Turmeric has many advantages for human life. It can be used for medical, herbs, natural coloring and more. You can plant Olena in your garden or container with some easy steps. You will love with the benefits and its pretty flower.

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