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Rose Marie Magnolia – Overview, How to Plant and Care

Rose Marie Magnolia – Overview, How to Plant and CareDo you look for a big and bright flower that has long blossom for decorating your garden? If it so, you might be interested with Rose Marie Magnolia. The green leaves and big flowers make this flower suitable for any garden. You can plant it in your front yard as the accent landscape. It will be the focal point of the garden.

Rose Marie Magnolia Overview

Rose Marie Magnolia is a hybrid plant. A hybrid plant can be defined as the plant which derives from the cross combining or pollination of two different varieties which aims to grow the new seed. The Pink, Rose Marie Magnolia is a crossing from the Daybreak and Pink Surprise varieties. It belongs to the Magnoliaceae family.

This tree has can be maintained as a shrub or tiny tree which can grow up to 20 feet. It has green leaves and pink flowers. The flower is so unique. It has big bud and sturdy petals. When the flower blooms, it will show up its nine petals which look like a cup with white color in the inside. The pink flowers can last for 4 up to six weeks; it blooms longer than another variety. The flower has a lemon fragrance. This awesome tree is famous for its voluminous.

The leaves have a green color and it will turn into bronze color in the fall season. The leaves are big and have a pointy shape. This tree can be the best choice for making your garden beautiful with its long blossom flowers.

How to Plant and Grow Rose Marie Magnolia

If you have come up with the idea of planting Rose Marie Magnolia in your garden, you have to find the seed by purchasing it through offline or online farmer markets. This Magnolia is a popular hybrid plant, most farmer markets and commercial gardens provide its seed.

You can go visit the market offline if it near your house. You can ask some tips from the seller on how to grow Rose Marie Magnolia into your garden. If you get difficulty to find it in offline farmer market in your area, you can buy it online. There are many online farmer markets and gardens that offered the seed of Rose Marie Magnolia in their website.

The first thing to do after you get the seed is preparing the media to plant. You need to dig the hole in the ground wider than the size of the root. This aims to provide enough space for the root to adjust and grow well. Place the seed to the hole by removing the plastic bag or burlap bag from the tree. Locate the tree inside the hole and make sure that the hole has a perfect size for supporting the root to grow perfectly.

It is important for you to prepare the good media for the tree to grow perfectly. You can mix some soil with the compost and other organic stuff to be placed inside the hole and to backfill the hole. After you place the tree inside the hole, you can backfill the hole using the mixture to give sufficient nutrition for the plant to grow and establish.

The next step after planting the tree in the hole is mulching. You can cover the top of the root with layering the ground with the mulch. It functions to keep the soil moisture and to prevent the weeds.

How to Care Rose Marie Magnolia

Rose Marie Magnolia is easy to maintain. You need to water the tree every day with enough water for at least 2 years from the time you plant it. You need to provide enough water and weed out the tree. You can check the soil moisture and don’t let the soil to dry. If it is needed, you can stalk the tree using the stalking sticks to protect the tree from fallen due to weather or rain. You don’t have to prune the trees before it tree has its flowers. You can do the regular pruning once the tree has its flowers.

The Magnolia can grow well in moist and acidic soil. Don’t give too much water to this tree because the root can’t stand with much water. Rose Marie Magnolia can live for 50 years and even more if well maintained. This tree can grow up to 20 feet and has a round shape. The big pink flower has vivid color and fragrant. It will be a perfect tree for any gardens. The flower can bloom longer than any average flowers.

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