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Scaveola Fan Flower – Overview, How to Plant and Care

Scaveola Fan Flower - Overview, How to Plant and CareA garden in any house will make a great addition. Those who just pass by or pay a visit would be very happy to see it. That would also surely boost the happiness of the house owner. Just before the house owner want to start the project, a question pops up: what flower to plant? Then almost immediately, an answer also comes up: what about Scaveola?

Why People Love It?

In four seasonal countries, having a garden is quite a dilemma. While it could be a pretty show during spring until early autumn, the owner must be happy with no flower arrangement during late autumn and winter. Besides, not all flowers could handle both spring and summer at the same time, particularly if the house is located in high temperature city.

Scaveola was making its debut in America in the early 1990s. It is introduced as the “tough kind”. Of course, not many would believe easily, as the appearance is quite fragile and delicate. Those who dare enough to take the challenge has proven that Scaveola is the new beauty worth to try. What makes them say so?

  • Unique Color

One could easily find the pink, red, white or yellow flowers in the florist or gardener shops. What about purple and blue? These two belong to the rarest colors for flower garden. Thus, Scaveola will be the main character in the garden.

  • Pretty But Strong

The term pretty flowers have several consequences that follow. One simple example: the flower must be nurtured in certain ways to prevent premature death. Well, that would not be the case for Scaveola. It could stand the blazing heat without losing its beauty, even if the soil is a little bit dry.

  • Easy To Care

The flower’s strength to withstand extreme heat and dryness is genetic. In the other words, the gardeners don’t have to perform several rituals in the early stage or daily to make it so. Moreover, the gardening care is not too difficult to remember.

How to Plant Scaveola

The is categorized into annual plant. In the other words, the complete cycle of the flowers’ growth happens within a year. For the pretty fan flower, the most common period to start planting is in spring. That way, the garden could be cleared up just before winter. Then, be prepared to start growing the flower in the garden.

  • Get The Plants

For some other species, the cycle starts with seeds. For the glorious fan flower, the gardeners should buy the plant. It is important to learn that all seeds extracted from this flower is sterile. Thus, there will be no new plants when the gardener put them in empty pot.

  • Prepare The Pot

The best soil to grow more Scaveola consists of sandy soil topped with compost or soil mixed with organic fertilizer. Later after the root has grown, it should be ready to be placed into the bedding. Only then, the plant is ready to get in contact with the soil.

  • Cut The Stem

There is no need to buy several pots of Scaveola just to fill the whole garden! Simply cut the stem and put it on a pot with sandy base. After several days, new root will start to form and soon be ready to be arranged in the garden.

  • Place It Strategically

There are two best places to plant this purple flower. It would be either northern or eastern part of the house. This position will assure enough warm sun light in the morning.

How to Care

Happy with the Scaveola bloom? Then don’t forget to learn simple steps to maintain the flowers’ health.

  1. Make sure it gets at least eight hours of sun light every day.
  2. Water the pot regularly, after observing that the soil in the surface is a little bit dry.
  3. Avoid any area with muddy or water logged soil. This flower loves a little dry temperature instead.
  4. Remove weeds regularly.
  5. Spray the fertilizer once every two weeks to help the growth.
  6. Cut the stem to propagate the flowers during summer.
  7. Replace the flower in spring if the gardeners have no plant to overwinter the plant.

While most people are wowed by the usual garden flower course, it takes a touch of blue and purple to make them love Scaveola. It is not complicated to plant and care, either. Adding this flower to the garden could never go wrong!

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